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Euphoric the Podcast

Oct 25, 2023

Why do we not dream bigger? 

As kids, we have all these dreams. For Karolina, it was to write books. At one point, she dreamt of winning the Nobel Prize. But when she stepped into adulthood, she stopped dreaming.

Today’s guest, Chrissy Janiga, is an author, social worker, wife, mother, and a mindset and alcohol-free...

Oct 18, 2023

It’s not selfish or greedy to want more. In fact, the universe is tapping you on the shoulder to live out your destiny and turn on your greater gifts for the world.

Six years ago, Karolina decided she wanted way more than the cubicle she was working in. It’s not that her job was bad – it was fine. She just felt it...

Oct 11, 2023

You do not have to be an expert to get started. In fact, embracing an alcohol-free lifestyle can help you create a life that is even more exciting and beautiful!

Today’s episode is a Become Emboldened success story, featuring Charlotte Estrada.

Recently, Karolina was a guest on Charlotte’s podcast, Healing &...

Oct 4, 2023

There doesn’t need to be anything exceptional about your relationship with alcohol to want to change it.

Today’s guest is Amanda Kuda, whose career has mirrored Karolina’s since she began her alcohol-free journey. At the time, they were some of the only women talking about being alcohol-free in a totally different...