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Euphoric the Podcast

Mar 31, 2021

Your results come down to the subconscious beliefs that you may not even KNOW YOU HAVE.

What the heck are subconscious beliefs? These are stories and rules you’ve picked up over your lifetime that you believe to be true, but are not necessarily grounded in any truth. They keep you stuck in roles, behaviors, and patterns that might not be serving your highest self.

Your relationship with alcohol is governed by decades of subconscious beliefs and conditioning from society. Beliefs that aren’t even scientifically true. Beliefs that are incredibly disempowering and limit who you are.

In today’s episode, I debunk a few common beliefs: alcohol helps me sleep . . . and a drink makes me more confident. How about the belief non-drinkers are boring? Something passed down in the American consciousness for centuries!

In Become Euphoric, students get the step-by-step process to uncover every subconscious belief they have around alcohol and ruthlessly examine them for truth and debunk them.

I also share a belief that kept me stuck about becoming an entrepreneur and coach. So once you learn this process, it serves you in life for any belief that’s holding you back.

Ready to change your subconscious beliefs? Join us in Become Euphoric, an 8-week program to take a break from alcohol, debunk the subconscious beliefs that don’t serve you, and build up your dream life instead.

Free course to get started: The 5 Day Restart