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Euphoric the Podcast

Mar 27, 2024

Why do we hit invisible ceilings in our happiness, love, and success?

This is the "upper limit problem," and it's sneakier than you might think… often leading us to self-sabotage, just when things are starting to look up.

Today’s guests, Gay and Katie Hendricks, are literally Karolina’s idols. Experts on all...

Mar 20, 2024

Ever wonder what happens when a high-stakes career collides with a life-changing wake-up call? 

Tracy Frederick was a badass criminal defense attorney, but when her son became critically ill, she knew it was time to reassess. Now? She’s a transformative coach and retreat leader of Go Limitless Retreats, where she...

Mar 13, 2024

Your subconscious mind controls your beliefs, values, emotions, personality, and essentially drives your reality.

We act out what we subconsciously believe we are worthy of, and most of our subconscious beliefs are programmed by other people in childhood. But here's the kicker, we can reprogram them.

In today’s...

Mar 6, 2024

After attending immersive experiences and retreats, Karolina has come home a different person. 

Which is why she knew she was meant to include an immersive retreat in the Empowered AF Coach Certification program. So what the hell happens at a Certification Retreat? 

This episode is covering everything you need to...