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Euphoric the Podcast

Aug 30, 2023

Have you kicked alcohol to the curb but still have some unexplained symptoms?

Maybe you’re suffering some aches, pains, or headaches. Or even brain fog or digestive issues. If your medical system can’t figure out what’s wrong, today’s guest will illuminate what could be the root of the issue and provide a course...

Aug 23, 2023

Beautiful, you decided to reevaluate the role of alcohol in your life for a reason.

That reason? You have a bigger purpose. Those visions you have about your future aren’t random. That is the universe hand-selecting you as the person to achieve those dreams. Ditching alcohol is the first step in that journey. 


Aug 16, 2023

When Ryan Cass was six years old, he made a promise to himself.

After a harrowing night where the police visited his home due to incidents involving alcohol, Ryan was the one who answered the door, shaking like a leaf. That night, he promised himself that when he grew up, he would never do this.

In today’s episode,...

Aug 9, 2023

Take out a pen and piece of paper. Write down what you want.

Don’t worry. Nobody’s going to see it. Can’t think of just one thing? Write it all – everything you want. The next step? Create this life where you get to have the things you want.

Today’s guest, Angela Pugh, is a master life coach, speaker,...

Aug 2, 2023

You can start your career over. The hardest part? Giving yourself permission to do so.

So many people have this idea that they’re in too deep. They’ve invested too much time or schooling into something, and that it’s too late to start over. In this episode, Karolina talks with Chelsea Turgeon about how she pivoted...