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Euphoric the Podcast

Nov 6, 2019

Jenn Kautsch’s story is fascinating. Unlike many of us, Jenn didn’t drink in her teenage years or 20s. In fact, she didn’t really pick up drinking until she was a mom and well into her career in her mid-30s. Her drinking mirrors a phenomenon in history—consumption levels were lower for women in the 80s and 90s and then starkly rose in the 2000s as the drinking culture changed. Fifteen years later, she feels stuck in the American rat race, drink, hangover, repeat. Even though she eats healthy, works out, and is committed to building her relationship with God, Jenn feels like she is living two different lives. Until everything changed when she focused on becoming sober-minded. Listen in to learn how to resolve incongruency in your life, how faith can strengthen your why, and why being present and aware with the right tools can change your life.

Today Jenn is an incredible teacher in the alcohol-free community and builds transformations through the power of sisterhood.

Show notes:

The Sober Sis

Daring Greatly


Road Back to You