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Euphoric the Podcast

Apr 19, 2023

It’s time to ditch the fear of failing, the fear of making mistakes, the fear of being imperfect, and the fear of going after what you REALLY want. How often does your fear of failure keep you from stepping into your biggest dreams?

Karolina is celebrating five years alcohol-free! But the symbolism of what she’s celebrating is even greater than that. It's been five years of putting herself first, deepening her self-growth, listening to her desires, and achieving her biggest dreams. Today, she dives into the concept of how fear prevents us from pursuing our passions and the incredible life she’s created for herself through challenging her fears. 

Instead of asking yourself, “what if it doesn't work out?”, ask yourself “what if it does?”

What if you knew your success was inevitable?

Tune in to shift your beliefs around failure and begin living today knowing your dreams are ready to be unleashed as your future reality!

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