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Euphoric the Podcast

Aug 25, 2021

From ancient Mayan traditions to forest bathing to cold water therapy, Heath Armstrong has a wealth of wisdom on how to change your state naturally and feel organic joy. 

Sitting down with Karolina, Heath shares his story of becoming alcohol-free, diving deep into spirituality, and living a freedom lifestyle. You’ll hear about how a transformative breathwork ceremony in Nicaragua led to a spiritual awakening for Heath and the importance of trusting your intuition to become connected with your true calling. 

In today's episode of Euphoric The Podcast, explore the mystical, mysterious, beautiful ways of being alive and awake to your life that don’t require alcohol, and in fact will bring you deeper, truer satisfaction. Enjoy!


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Resources and books recommended by Heath:

The Unconventional Life by Jules Schroeder

The Immortal Self by Aaravindha Himadra

The Mayan Factor by Jose Arguelles

How To Take A Month Off and Feel Amazing - Free Guide

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