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Euphoric the Podcast

Jan 29, 2019

This week, we are thrilled to have Taryn Strong on the podcast! Taryn is co-founder of She Recovers, an international movement which has its roots as an online-based safe space for women in all phases and types of recovery. She Recovers has also evolved into real-life events such as retreats and conferences (supported by Taryn's Yoga for Recovery program!), recovery coaching and sharing circles around the U.S. and Canada. Taryn grew up around addiction, floating in and out of recovery before making the ultimate decision to leave drugs and alcohol behind for good.  Listen in as she shares her incredible story, what her life looks like post-booze and drugs, and what's in store for herself and She Recovers in the future!
She Recovers:
She Recovers Yoga:
Article: "This Is What ‘Self-Care’ REALLY Means, Because It’s Not All Salt Baths And Chocolate Cake" by Brianna West: