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Euphoric the Podcast

Feb 17, 2021

You might recall that alcohol was used as an anesthetic for surgeries just as little as a hundred years ago. 

When it comes to alcohol, we attribute so many false beliefs to a drink. Beliefs like, a drink will make me feel more relaxed, or outgoing, or fun (all limiting beliefs that take away your power!)

But if there’s one thing alcohol does well, IT NUMBS. Your thoughts, emotions, and feelings. 

And when you take a break, it’s normal to feel a little raw with all the unprocessed emotions and feelings that are coming up to be healed. But your emotions are there for a reason. They are your greatest teacher on how to make shifts in your life to create more joy. Drinking over them ensures you never really get to figure out what you really want or need. You can’t numb the bad without also numbing the good.  Learn four healthy ways you can manage your emotions in this episode. 

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