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Euphoric the Podcast

Jun 11, 2020

It never occurred to me to ditch booze completely. It was only through experiencing the most profound break that I decided to never go back. When I was first questioning my relationship with booze, I wanted to get more mindful and was so glad when I found Caitlin Padgett. Her gospel is that you can make changes to your relationship with alcohol on your own terms and invite in more awareness no matter where you are. Her focus on feeling your feelings, articulating your needs, and self-parenting yourself help you reconnect back with you. 

Caitlin is the author of Drink Less Be More: How to have a great night (and life) without getting wasted and transformational coach for successful women who struggle with alcohol. When she was about 29 years old, her work-hard / play-hard lifestyle started taking its toll. Thirsty for alternatives to mainstream treatment, she combined her background in psychology, nutrition, fitness, harm reduction and holistic health to craft an unconventional approach called Redefining Sobriety. 

Today she’s on Euphoric the Podcast sharing: 

  • Why unmet needs drive you to drink

  • How to find compassion for yourself

  • How to use autonomy for your benefit

  • How to honor how you want to feel

Show Notes: 

Redefining Sobriety

The 5 Day Restart

Anti-Racist Resources