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Euphoric the Podcast

Apr 8, 2020

Karolina sits down with Meg Johnson from Kansas City to talk about how much FUN an alcohol-free life really is. 

Step back to the holidays of 2018. Meg was overweight, overdrinking, and fell into a pessimistic complaining attitude. One day she looked into the mirror and didn't recognize herself anymore. That moment catapulted a new resolve. 

Today Meg is a vibrant and radiant inspiration! She's been alcohol-free for over a year and realizes how much more fun she can have without the baggage booze brings. She does it all now, football games, bachelorette parties, happy hour etc., but with a clear head and showing up as her authentic self. She has fun because she is fun, not using a beverage as a crutch. Meg really does show us that we can have fun on our own terms! 

Show notes: 

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