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Euphoric the Podcast

Feb 12, 2020

What if alcohol was clouding up your ability to share a magnificent gift with the world? Today I sit down with Bri McCorkell, a life coach and spiritual teacher for moms, who stopped drinking on her path towards a greater awakening. Bri has three children and we talk about how hard motherhood can be and how easy it is to quell that isolation and pain with a drink. But deep down, we are way more powerful than we realize, and there is no true way to know your power and capability without letting go of the thing that makes you play small. Everyone has a gift and a unique ability to make a difference in the world. Yet, deep down, we’re terrified of what we’re really called to do, and so turn to alcohol to cope and numb out. As Bri says, “if the people with the greatest gifts would stop numbing out, the world would be transformed.”

Show Notes:

Bri McCorkell

What’s Your Dream Life QUIZ