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Euphoric the Podcast

Dec 18, 2019

Janey Lee Grace is in the biz. She’s been a singer, BBC radio presenter, and author of multiple books on holistic health and natural living. Though it wasn’t until she ditched the booze that she truly stepped into her fullest health, happiness, and self-love. When Janey stopped drinking, she was surprised to learn that it didn’t feel like giving something up but rather like she was gaining everything. Sobriety felt so good! It was the missing piece to her healthy holistic lifestyle and has upped her vibe and bravery. With a TED Talk titled, Sobriety Rocks, Who Knew? Janey is changing the perception of sobriety with her own sober club, podcast, and outspokenness in the media on the benefits of alcohol-free living and I'm so excited to have her on the show today. Listen in!

Show notes:

The Sober Club

Imperfectly Natural

Alcohol-Free Life Podcast

Ted Talk - Sobriety Rocks—Who Knew?