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Euphoric the Podcast

Dec 4, 2019

Lisa spent her career climbing the ladder in the legal field in New York City—a high-pace environment that led her to drink more and more over time, until one day she woke up realizing how badly she needed alcohol to function and how miserable it was making her.

Lisa not only transformed her life, she also fulfilled her dream of becoming a writer. She is the author of Girl Walks Out of a Bar, her award-winning memoir of high-functioning addiction and recovery in the world of New York City corporate law.

Maybe you dream of writing your story or perspective. Listen in to learn how she used vulnerability and raw honesty to completely change her career, share her story, and write an award-winning book.

If you really enjoyed listening to Lisa, join us at the next MindBar, December 14th in Downtown San Diego! Lisa will be sharing her story and how to ground yourself for the holidays.

Show notes:

Lisa Smith

Girl Walks Out of a Bar

MindBar: A an Alcohol-Free Experience with Lisa Smith in San Diego

The Art of Memoir

On Writing

The War of Art