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Euphoric the Podcast

May 22, 2024

Everyone who drinks has these two things working against them: 

Social conditioning and the power of habits. 

Karolina explains how we grow up in a world that encourages drinking and how we form so many beliefs around it on how it meets our needs. 

In order to change your relationship with alcohol, belief work is the most important first step to change what associations, meanings, and benefits your subconscious brain is assigning to alcohol. 

But the root cause of drinking? This goes much deeper. 

Karolina is sharing the many deep-rooted causes of a complex relationship with alcohol, including why unfulfillment can be the hidden driver behind your drinking habits.

We’ll cover why the brain craves a challenge, belief systems, and the 3 steps to fulfillment (and why it starts with knowing what you actually want).

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  • Exactly what qualifies as "overdrinking" and why it's so much more pervasive than you think. Spoiler alert: it's not about being an "alcoholic"
  • How society's norms around drinking keep you stuck in old patterns and how to break free to find your true self
  • The magic of rewiring your mindset around fulfillment to shift your life
  • A life-changing purpose meditation to answer the pivotal question: "What do I really want?" Prepare to dive deep!
  • The inside scoop on Karolina’s upcoming “AF Fire” workshop, packed with tools, prizes, and a chance to redefine your life's purpose—starting May 28th!



Karolina is hosting a FREE, 3-day live purpose workshop May 28th-30th to help you reevaluate the role of alcohol in your life. Register and get a free workbook and have the potential to win prizes! 

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