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Euphoric the Podcast

May 15, 2024

Going alcohol-free is not just a wellness trend, but a revolutionary way to live your BEST life in 2024.

Alcohol-free drinks are flying off the shelves and societal norms are shifting. There's so many reasons why it should be no surprise to anyone why you're not drinking.

In fact, embracing an alcohol-free lifestyle will give you a competitive edge in life. But are you feeling deprived or left out?

Karolina is breaking down her favorite mindset tricks you can learn to feel like you're the luckiest person in the world, that you found the coolest secret ever, and that you are capable of achieving any dream in your heart, all without drinking.

Plus, we’ll cover all of the latest health revelations – like how ditching alcohol can slash your cancer risk, improve your heart health, and potentially add years to your life.

Think of this episode as an invitation to redefine your relationship with alcohol and embrace a lifestyle that aligns with your deepest values and dreams.

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  • How ditching alcohol will unleash your superpowers, and bring you more clarity and motivation 
  • The startling medical evidence linking even moderate alcohol consumption to serious health risks, such as a 15% increase in breast cancer risk from just 1-2 glasses a week
  • How alcohol-free living has transformed Karolina’s own health – lowering her blood pressure and cholesterol (and transforming her sleep!)
  • Why not drinking will actually give you a competitive edge - AND deepen your relationship to your own intuition



Karolina is hosting a FREE, 3-day live purpose workshop May 28th-30th to help you reevaluate the role of alcohol in your life. Register and get a free workbook and have the potential to win prizes! 

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