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Euphoric the Podcast

Jul 31, 2019

Sober living is a best kept secret and opens the doors to so much happiness, intentionality, and grace in your life. But with so much stigma and preconceived assumptions, not drinking alcohol in our society is rare and questionable. It can be hard to tell people about a positive life change without well-meaning individuals drilling into the negative. Today Danielle and Karolina explore their best strategies for telling family, friends and even acquaintances that they’ve quit drinking and how to take the power back of such a life affirming lifestyle change. Having a complicated relationship with booze is normal. Quitting drinking and living your best life? That sets you apart as a rockstar, not a walking stigma. Tune in to get the tips you need to call out your sober life proudly.


Show notes:

7 Ways to Confidently Say I’m Not Drinking and the Perspective Shift You Need to Live Your Sober Life Proudly

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