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Euphoric the Podcast

May 31, 2023

Beautiful, we ditch alcohol for a reason - to step into a deeper calling and our deeper purpose. When you cultivate that newfound confidence and new ideas and passions are swirling, that's a ripe time to take advantage of.

Gayle Macdonald is a transformational coach who drank daily for 15 years. After moving to Spain, alcohol became a part of her lifestyle as she learned a new language and frequently met up with friends for tapas. Throughout today’s episode, Gayle walks Karolina through her inspiring journey to becoming alcohol-free and now teaching others to do the same, which required listening to her intuition and slowing down to reconnect with herself.

It's so incredible to hear how she redefined her life and career and rebuilt her trust and confidence from the ground up. Enjoy!


  • How intense shame and constant guilt led Gayle to make a choice to not drink for 6 months (and what triggered her to finally stop for good)
  • The mantra that gave Gayle so much freedom and headspace to trust her decision to become alcohol-free
  • Gayle shares how she rebuilt her confidence and self-esteem and learned to recognize that she is worthy of her desires, needs, and wants
  • The epiphany Gayle had that inspired her to combine her teaching background with coaching - she now supports others on their alcohol-free journey
  • There are many ways to get on the path to recovery - there’s not one “secret”, though once you become alcohol-free, it feels like an incredible secret you’ve discovered!
  • The advice (and permission) Gayle would give to her younger self when she was in the thick of drinking


Connect with Gayle on her website, Sober Bliss.

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