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Euphoric the Podcast

May 17, 2023

It’s incredible to realize how powerful the mind is to help heal the body, and today, we’re diving into the oldest Western conception of psychotherapy: hypnosis!

Dr. David Spiegel is an Associate Chair of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences and a Medical Director of the Center for Integrative Medicine at Stanford University School of Medicine. He has spent more than 40 years tackling clinical research around psycho oncology, stress and health, pain control, sleep, hypnosis, and more, writing 13 books and publishing hundreds of articles along the way.

Today, Karolina and Dr. Spiegel dig into the magic of hypnosis, how it can help you approach ditching alcohol and processing trauma, and the mind-body connection. You’re going to want to tune in!


  • How hypnosis can be compared to experiencing “hyper-focused attention” that can help you let go of old ways of thinking, change your mind-body relationship, and support stress relief

  • Dr. Spiegel shares the 3 things that happen to the brain when you enter a state of hypnosis and how it helps you dissociate from who you are and what you can and can't do

  • How bringing out protective and maternal urges with your body can help you flip your mindset around not drinking with positive reinforcement

  • The mind-body connection is actually a two-way street. We construct internal AND external realities and our brain decides what to pay attention to

  • Processing trauma with hypnosis to gain a new perspective on “old pain” and forgiveness

  • The radical difference between hypnosis and mindfulness (hint: mindfulness is a practice, while hypnosis actually solves problems rapidly and can be a quick fix!)


Be sure to download the Reveri app for clinically-validated self-hypnosis experiences that you can do from the comfort of your home.

To follow Dr. Spiegel’s work, check out the Center on Stress and Health and the book he published, Trance and Treatment: Clinical Uses of Hypnosis. He has also published many papers about hypnosis.

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