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Euphoric the Podcast

Jun 4, 2019

Social media is THE place to find a community of sober folks—it’s literally how Euphoric the Podcast was born and shared. But Danielle and Karolina suspect that constantly checking your phone for new updates is pretty similar to the same dopamine manipulation that goes on with drinking. It’s not easy to sit with your thoughts and engage with the people around you, and we constantly want to reach for things outside of us to distract us. But it is fulfilling. And Euphoric is all about incorporating more of what makes you happy and less of the stuff that drains you.

In today’s episode, learn what boundaries around social media and technology the hosts set up to feel more productive and present, why Karolina won’t check her phone in the morning or evening, and why there’s nothing worse than scrolling your phone while watching TV.

Find your own balance with a digital minimalistic approach and get the best of both worlds, a thriving online community and support, and time and space to do the activities that really fulfill you.


Show Notes:

Cal Newport’s Digital Minimalism book

18 Ways to Build Resilience and Joy into Your Life