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Euphoric the Podcast

Mar 1, 2023

Six months in prison changed everything for Jay Chase. 

Nobody messaged him and nobody missed him. The experience broke him open and was one of the biggest turning points in his life. From then on, Jay wanted to be the kind of person that somebody would miss.

Today, he’s a powerful leader, motivational speaker, and a highly sought-after top leadership development coach. Karolina was on his podcast, Don’t Touch My Mindset a few weeks ago, and she is so excited to welcome him here. 

Jay has been on a beautiful quest for greatness - and it all started when he changed his relationship to alcohol. You will be so inspired by hearing his personal growth journey and his own intriguing definition of leadership. To self develop, to grow yourself and to strive to add value to other people's lives all comes down to our influence - and leadership is so much more than just a title. 

Beautiful, get ready for a raw and unfiltered conversation that will inspire you to want more from your life!


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Jay’s favorite book he’s read in the last year: Outwitting the Devil by Napoleon Hill. You can find him on his website, on Instagram, and be sure to check out his podcast, Don’t Touch My Mindset.  

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