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Euphoric the Podcast

Sep 14, 2022

We are made for more than just drinking, and today, Karolina is opening up about the power of discovering and owning your worth - from allowing yourself the gift of symbolic upgrades, to reimagining your money mindset. 

Wherever you are on your alcohol-free journey, Karolina wants you to know with confidence that this podcast is here for YOU, and together, we’ll dig beneath the surface so you can heal, listen to your intuition, and become the most emboldened version of yourself. 

Tune in to learn about a powerful $15 shift Karolina made in her own life and what’s in store as we enter this next inspiring chapter of Euphoric The Podcast, version 2.0.

I hope you’re ready, beautiful!


Karolina’s book is available in hardcover, Kindle, and as an audiobook. Be sure to get your copy of Euphoric: Ditch Alcohol and Gain a Happier, More Confident You today and leave your review. 

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