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Euphoric the Podcast

Jan 12, 2022

Imagine finding a place where you truly, deeply belong. This is what Chris Marshall set out to create when he founded Sans Bar, an alcohol-free bar in Austin, TX! In this episode of Euphoric The Podcast, Karolina sits down with Chris as he shares how his alcohol story and experience as a licensed counselor propelled him to follow his calling, expanding from monthly alcohol-free pop-ups to a full fledged brick and mortar. Sans Bar dedicates their inclusive spaces to anyone wanting to create deep, profound connections.

Spreading their mission, Sans Bar is going on tour in 2022 all across the nation! As they travel to 16 cities, they will create a one of a kind night to enjoy delicious zero proof beverages, fun, and connection.

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Learn more about Sans Bar in Austin, TX and how to find a pop-up event close to you in the 2022 Sans Bar National Tour!

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If you’re looking to create your own amazing alcohol-free space, check out Sans Bar Academy!

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