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Euphoric the Podcast

Nov 25, 2020

So excited to bring you this episode with my good friend and fellow life coach, Chelsea Turgeon! Chelsea was in her second year of OBGYN medical residency when she heard a voice telling her that being a doctor wasn’t what she was meant to do. In a groundbreaking decision to leave behind traditional success to follow her heart, she decided to leave behind medicine, travel the world, and help people heal in a new way. Today Chelsea is a digital nomad and women’s career and life coach who helps women listen to their intuition and discover their true purpose and passions. 

Listening to her intuition with her career was huge, and her second biggest message from her intuition was to take a break from alcohol, which has lead to an even greater discovery of self and alignment with her values. 

Tune in to learn how to strengthen your own relationship with your intuition, recognize and overcome fear, and trust yourself to make the decisions that will bring you closer to your power and purpose. 

Show notes: 

Chelsea’s Life and Career Coaching

The 5 Day Restart