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Euphoric the Podcast

May 3, 2023

Amy Guldner is such a brilliant, empathetic soul and an integral part of Become Euphoric, our signature program to help women change their relationship with alcohol and unearth their greatest passions. Today, Amy is back on the podcast to talk in detail about her 6 pillars of change and how she helps clients make powerful shifts in their lives, from defining your core values, to practicing self-compassion and grace.

Here’s the truth: change is an evolution. We can change the superficial things in our life and still not have that identity change that we’re looking for. But hiring a coach can help you smash your limiting beliefs AND give you the gift of accountability and support.

Amy is a symbol of what it looks like to heal your inner critic and be compassionate with yourself. I know you’ll get so much out of this beautiful conversation!

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  • Why community is so incredibly valuable when it comes to embarking on an alcohol-free journey, along with a coach who we can relate to

  • Amy reflects on what she brings to her coaching clients: ruthless compassion, a deep well, hope, curiosity, and celebration of the small victories

  • The six pillars of change, starting with figuring out your core values (and why going deeper into science and neuroscience was the pillar that tipped Amy over the edge with her own drinking habits)

  • The staggering statistics about alcohol ad spend, including how it’s become a $1.5 trillion dollar market!

  • How to celebrate the “cracks” when rebuilding your story, ultimately becoming an even stronger and more beautiful version of yourself


Learn more about Amy through her support in the Become Euphoric group coaching program. Make alcohol insignificant in your life and experience your greatest potential!

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Tune in to Episode 158: Should You Become a Coach? to hear more from our guest, Amy Guldner.