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Euphoric the Podcast

May 11, 2022

To do the real work of healing and growing without alcohol, we need to create safe spaces to let every part of ourselves be seen, loved, and welcomed. Today, we’re going to talk about leaning into tenderness.

Christine Gyovai is a fierce changemaker in environmental design who is also a total powerhouse for building resilience in her local community. A former client of Karolina’s, Christine transformed her relationship with alcohol over the past two years and learned how to tenderly embrace her desires and seek joy. In this episode, discover what it means to embrace your vulnerability and imperfections and fully love yourself!

Christine Gyovai is the founder of Dialogue + Design Associates and has been working in her field for over 20 years! She is also the host of the Yes! We Rise Podcast, where she shares stories of communities and leaders stepping up and cultivating resilience and transformation in their communities.


Learn more about Christine’s powerful community work with Dialogue + Design Associates.

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