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Euphoric the Podcast

Apr 6, 2022

It’s so beautiful to let go of what isn’t serving us. If you could simplify one area of your life that causes you stress, what would it be?  Courtney Carver is an author and simplicity advocate who simplified her diet, debt, clutter and work to make space for what she loves: yoga, reading, traveling, hiking, and creating beautiful meals. The one thing that simplified her life the most? Removing alcohol after seeing how freeing it was to go without it for 100 days. Whether you want to simplify your wardrobe or your commitments, tune in to hear incredible, intuitive wisdom from Courtney on how to start your own simplicity journey, honor your boundaries, and create a life you love. LINKS/RESOURCES MENTIONED

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Karolina’s book is available in hardcover, Kindle, and as an audiobook. Be sure to get your copy of Euphoric: Ditch Alcohol and Gain a Happier, More Confident You today and leave your review. 

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